New Non-Profit Provides Laptops to Bronx Students

As children throughout NYC were forced to learn remotely when the pandemic began there was one glaring problem: a lack of laptops.

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WonderKey Collective receives official 501(c)(3) Status

WonderKey Provides Technology to Students, Educators in Response to COVID-19
501(c)(3) refurbishes and distributes tech to underfunded communities to adapt to remote learning

LOS ANGELES, CA -- 3/4/2021 -- WonderKey Collective is a 501(c)(3) formed in response to COVID-19. Its mission is to source, refurbish, and distribute technology and related resources to underserved and underfunded communities around the country that have been uprooted and challenged in the wake of the pandemic. With education being mostly remote and online,  WonderKey Collective aims to be a source of relief for the millions of students and educators who have found themselves in a position where their education is limited by their access to computers, smartphones, Wi-Fi, and more. 

Hawk Newsome, political activist and co-founder of the Greater New York Chapter of Black Lives Matter, noticed a growing need for tech resources while delivering meals to his community in the Bronx. Cynthia Johnson, a long-time friend of Newsome and co-founder of WonderKey Collective, took to social media to source monetary and technology donations to support the youth and elderly members in Newsome’s community. Alek Manoah, American professional baseball pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays, replied to Johnson’s message and generously offered to purchase 15 new laptops to be distributed - thus becoming the driving factor behind the creation of WonderKey.

"WonderKey started as an idea to aid the challenges of remote learning for families, schools, and social workers alike, but what made the organization bloom was the inherent support communities show when a call to action is made," says Johnson. "We started making calls and it turned out that most people are looking for ways to be part of a solution. Hawk and Alek exemplify the support and kindness that can be found in every community."

"My involvement in WonderKey is inspired by not only my extremely hard-working parents who did anything and everything for our family but also the gracious community I grew up in that helped us make ends meet," says Alek Manoah, now an Advisor to the Board at WonderKey. "I see it as a way of paying it forward and hopefully instilling a similar initiative for these kids to want to help the generations after them." Manoah adds, "This organization is about providing the resources needed for continued growth and education; we're here to fill the technology gap during the pandemic, but we'll also be ready to offer our support to whatever else the future may bring.”

WonderKey welcomes and appreciates those who are interested in helping its cause. Ways to contribute include but are not limited to, technology, resource, and monetary donations, school sponsorships, and tech drives. Learn more about volunteer and partnership opportunities here:

About WonderKey Collective

WonderKey Collective exists to narrow the digital divide by providing hardware, internet access, and essentials for foster, emancipated, and homeless youth throughout the United States. WonderKey Collective Inc. is a 501(C)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. EIN 85-3277707. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn

Kelly Patel
Executive Director

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