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Many people have old ipads and outdated laptops tucked away. What if, instead of that device collecting dust, it helped better a student's educational experience? WonderKey can help you help. We collect a variety of tech equipment and smart devices needed for many school curriculums. We offer helpful tools and resources to individuals who wish to collect supplies in their communities. Access to a functional device can help further someone's education as they navigate at home learning during the pandemic.

Donated equipment is adequately assessed, restored, and refurbished to quality standards. All donated tech is valuable to us. We recycle used devices and sell parts from items that may be beyond repair. Those funds then go towards purchasing new products. We ensure that all donations find a home in communities in need. We place technology in the hands of students and social workers from grade schools to college campuses. WonderKey will soon be established officially as a nonprofit, making your donation beneficial to the students and teachers and awarding you a tax write off for your contribution. 


Your monetary contribution or donation of an unused device can change someone's educational experience in a considerable way that benefits students and you. Wonder Key is currently in the process of earning our nonprofit status which entitles all of our generous donors to a write off on their taxable income for donating.

sponsor a school

Tell us about a school you would like to nominate.  Are you a current student with limited resources or know of a school, a past alma mater or any educational institution in need. We can help and coordinate strategies to provide needed supplies.

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host a tech drive

If you’re all tapped out on tech you can contact us to find out more about hosting a ‘Tech Drive’ to collect unused devices. We will supply you with the information needed to gather unused devices from you friends and neighbors for distribution in your community

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What Technology Can You Donate?

there are many items that can help


  • Used or new laptops, tablets, smartphones
  • Used hardware will be refurbished by our partner, Liquid Technology
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  • Word processing software licenses (i.e. Microsoft Office)
  • Graphic software (i.e. Adobe)
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  • Wireless Internet access in form of hotspot or portable WiFi device
  • WiFi provider for households, classrooms, or educational facilities
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