WonderKey COllective

Wonderkey collective is a nonprofit dedicated to narrowing the digital divide for foster youth by providing hardware, internet access, and digital education; while creating accessible ways for communities and organizations to do good for our planet and our kids by recycling their old tech.
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How it works

It's pretty simple.


We are collecting various electronics such as laptops, smartphones and tablets for students, parents and teachers in need of supplies for classrooms.


Instead of adding to landfills, our refurbishment process updates and restores functionality to devices regaining quality like new.


Schools, students, educators, counselors, social workers and more will receive donated technology to enhance the remote learning experience.


How you can help

from donations to volunteer opportunities, any help is appreciated.
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Wonderkey Collective Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. EIN 85-3277707. Your tax deductible donations directly help underserved and underfunded communities receive access to technology and educational resources.


Your monetary contribution or donation of an unused device can change someone's educational experience in a considerable way that benefits students and you. Wonder Key is currently in the process of earning our nonprofit status which entitles all of our generous donors to a write off on their taxable income for donating.

Sponsor a School

Tell us about a school you would like to nominate.  Are you a current student with limited resources or know of a school, a past alma mater or any educational institution in need. We can help and coordinate strategies to provide needed supplies.

host a tech drive

If you’re all tapped out on tech you can contact us to find out more about hosting a ‘Tech Drive’ to collect unused devices. We will supply you with the information needed to gather unused devices from you friends and neighbors for distribution in your community

our partners

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Liquid Technology provides a suite of effective impartial solutions to help companies manage their excess technology by destroying data and mitigating the risk of recycling liability. We integrate our specialized knowledge and extensive certifications to recommend and execute a deliberate plan of action for your business.

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