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WonderKey Collective is an initiative providing access to technology and related resources to underserved and underfunded communities around the country. As in-person education has moved remote and online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of students and educators have found themselves in a position where their education is limited by their access to laptops, computers, smartphones, Wi-Fi, software, and more. The mission of WonderKey Collective is to source, refurbish, and distribute technology to bridge the gap between remote learning and the students and educators who need it to successfully adapt to the new landscape of education.

How It works


We are collecting various electronics such as laptops, smartphones and tablets for students, parents and teachers in need of supplies for classrooms.


Instead of adding to landfills, our refurbishment process updates and restores functionality to devices regaining quality like new.


From schools to college campuses, students, educators, counselors and social workers will receive donated technology to enhance the remote learning experience.

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technology partner

WonderKey Collective is proud to partner with Liquid Technology, who are providing their services as our official technology partner.  All donated hardware will be refurbished by the Liquid Technology team.
Liquid Technology is a full-service IT asset disposition company that offers a complete suite of services designed to help companies manage their hardware assets. These services include Brokering and Purchasing Excess IT Equipment, Auditable Data Destruction, Environmental Disposal of Electronic Waste and IT Asset Management.

Beneficiary partner

WonderKey Collective is proud to partner with The New York Foundling.
The New York Foundling is built on a 150-year-old promise to our neighbors, that all children, adults, and families can have the opportunity to reach their full potential. For all of us, unlocking our potential requires support along the way. The New York Foundling provides carefully designed programs, effective and interrelated services, and opportunities for our community members to create transformational change in their own lives.

In partnership with The New York Foundling, WonderKey Collective is providing resources to organizations that they work with in line with our shared goals.

Fostering College Success Initiative
College life comes with its own challenges for students in foster care, as they often struggle to fit in and keep up academically with their more advantaged peers. The Foundling’s Fostering College Success Initiative was founded to provide comprehensive academic and social supports to help young people in foster care across all of New York City’s foster care system succeed in college and beyond. Given the economic challenges these young people face, many are unable to purchase their own laptop for school and rely on shared technology. The Initiative regularly seeks to ease this burden on students by sourcing basic laptops to suit their academic needs.

Staten Island Community Partnership
The Staten Island Community Partnership operates in Staten Island’s North Shore and works hand-in-hand with community residents, local community groups, service providers, and our local government to develop new approaches to child abuse and neglect. The Community Partnership aims to weave a safety net for families by supporting them with family-centered, community-based services. The program provides impactful, educational, skills-building, creative, and meaningful encounters that enrich the lives of children and families. This largely working class community, which boasts a sizable Latinx population, has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these families lack a home computer and basic internet connection, which makes remote schooling more challenging. The Community Partnership is seeking to address this issue by sourcing basic laptops to support remote education.

meet the team

WonderKey Collective is comprised of volunteers, advisors, and executives who bring their specific expertise to the mission of the organization, contributing their diverse perspectives in order to help as many people as possible.

board of directors

Advisors & Volunteers

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