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Many programs across the country have come together to find ways to WonderKey can help you help. We collect a variety of tech equipment and smart devices needed for many school curriculums. We offer helpful tools and resources to individuals who wish to collect supplies in their communities. Access to a functional device can help further someone's education as they navigate at home learning during the pandemic.

Donated equipment is adequately assessed, restored, and refurbished to quality standards. All donated tech is valuable to us. We recycle used devices and sell parts from items that may be beyond repair. Those funds then go towards purchasing new products. We ensure that all donations find a home in communities in need. We place technology in the hands of students and social workers from grade schools to college campuses. WonderKey will soon be established officially as a nonprofit, making your donation beneficial to the students and teachers and awarding you a tax write off for your contribution. 


We work with various non-profit and for-profit partners who distribute hardware and internet access to at-risk youth and for-profit companies to provide cyber-essentials and training to recipients.


Foster, emancipated, and homeless youth are some of the most vulnerable people in our country regarding identity theft and online predators. We work with software companies and training institutes to prevent cyber attacks on these youth.


At Wonderkey, we believe that access to hardware and Wifi is essential, but we also know that without proper education, the internet can be an unsafe space. Therefore, we work with digital literacy experts to provide educational resources.

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